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Reach your most valuable audience wherever they're watching, with Connected TV.

OTT & CTV have proven float all ships in the lead acquisition funnel. Top-of-funnel brand is now your secret weapon in SMMA acquisitions marketing campaigns. Combining a well planned and targeted OTT & CTV campaign with your PPC and SEO campaigns will ad the rocket fuel to your clients lead flow that you've been looking for. If you're looking for direct attribution from the CTV spend then you can add a QR code to the ad to the corner of your ad creative. Campaign minimums start at $1K and are powerful and profitable new upsell to your SMMA clients!

With more than a 100x million households streaming premium content. Connected TVhas reached a tipping point.

Campaign Control Across All-Screens!

Access to 100% of American CTV households, direct integrations with hundreds of CTV networks and publishers, plus best-in-class audience targeting, measurement, and attribution providers. You get it all with our cross-channel TV ad platform

100 Million Households across every metro area / DMA!

Local TV Advertising.

Local CTV advertising is the hardest problem to solve—so we started there in 2003 and became experts in hyper-targeted and hyper-localized TV ad campaigns that find and scale niche, needle-in-a-haystack audiences. Our granular view gives us unparalleled insight into the streaming advertising landscape. Through real-time machine learning, we gain intelligence on intricate bidding patterns to help match the right content and audiences to increase campaign effectiveness.

125+ Leading Channels